InnerRealm Designs: A Pop-Up Display Unit for your next event!

Wizard World 2014 Philly Comicon

Wizard World 2014 Philly Comicon

For your next event or meeting consider a pop-up display unit to grab the attention of your customers! These pop-up displays are great even to use as corporate art in the office with ease of removing when needed.

A lightweight durable roller banner with slim base and bungee pole. This banner stand is very compact and features a sleek silver base with black end caps. It also comes with a canvas bag for ease of travel and storage.

Assembled unit: 34.88”w x 81.88”h x 7.52”d
Graphic materials: standard anti-curl vinyl, premium dye sub

Contact us now to find out more:

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Your Brand Identity.


Brand identity is an expression of a brand, your brand – including name, logo, communications, and visual appearance. You as the business owner, can create a brand that reflects how you want the consumer to perceive your product or business.
The more you know and understand your target audience, the stronger your brand name will be. Your brand should reflect what your company stands for while targeting the audience who will purchase your products or patron your company. Typically, the easier the name is to remember, verbally/visually the more sustainable the brand name. Brand identity is fundamental to consumer recognition and symbolizes the brand’s differentiation from competitors.

With your brand, your business is able to communicate to potential consumers on a visual level. However, over time, your brand may evolve into a new campaign that keeps up with design trends, marketing tactics, and direct competition. It is important that your brand identity focuses on authentic qualities – real characteristics of the value of your business.

Branding Blocks
• Strong Logo  – a consistent use of a strong visual element(s) to create distinction.
• 1-4 Colors (normally) that represent your business, and sticking to those colors in print/web/marketing
• A specific font or font set that your company uses on a regular basis.
• Sometimes “simplicity” less is more, some brands are better simple rather than complex.

How can InnerRealm Designs help your brand identity?
• Corporate branding packages and small business start up packages
• Logo Design – Custom logo design or to enhance, restructure, refresh your existing logo.
• Promotional Products – From business cards to vinyl office hours we can help your brand identity be known.
• Website – We can construct a dynamic website that will reach your target audience.
• Trade Show – We can create a strong print campaign to reach your target market for your next trade show.

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What’s your season?


Tyler Arboretum in April 2013

Every business goes through highs and lows during the year. InnerRealm Designs understands that each business has their own busy season. So we ask, what is your busy season? And how can we help you prepare for the next one on the way?

Best bet, check your marketing materials…are they low? Good chance, when you need them the most that is when you realize your stock has been slowly dwindling. Another way to keep current is by updating your website with useful upcoming information about your business. Keep all your customers engaged and informed about new products or services your business now offers.

Allow yourself to budget design and print projects (if you can) ahead of time. It is possible to be prepared for when your busy season hits. Know your market, know who your target audience is…together we can build a strong design campaign to reflect your business and your message.

Contact InnerRealm Designs today to find out how we can help your business grow!

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Dance Away Cystic Fibrosis at Rowan University

Dance Away Cystic Fibrosis

Last friday was the “Dance Away Cystic Fibrosis” dance at Rowan University Rec Center. Rowan University’s Public Relations Student Society of America, Delta Phi Epsilon, and Rowan Intramural Recreation Sports Association together raised awareness and funds for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

I had the honor and privilege to meet Kelly McHale who helped form the dance. Kelly is not only co-hosting the charity event to support Cystic Fibrosis research, but she also has the disease as well. Kelly is a ball of light with fiery determination and a passion to help promote awareness of Cystic Fibrosis. She has been working on the project with her friends since August 2012.

Kelly reached out to numerous graphic designers and design companies in New Jersey to design a logo and t-shirts for the event. To my surprise, she said out of the numerous designers she contacted, InnerRealm Designs was the only one who replied “Yes, how can we help!”

Over the course of a week a t-shirt design and logo was created for the event. It came to me one day as I was working on the project, that I wanted to help…and surprise Kelly. I contacted friends, family, and colleagues to see if anyone could donate raffle prizes or monetary donations for the dance.

I had an overwhelming response from the donation letter I wrote that specifically mentioned my initial meeting with Kelly. I was able to be more than “just a graphic designer” or “a design company that did our shirts” for Kelly and her friends.

I met up with Kelly to talk about the event a week before, and was delighted to meet the host of the dance as well, Diana DiNapoli the PRSSA Vice President of Ethics, Advocacy and Philanthropy. Diana seemed just as delightfully surprised as Kelly, so my personal and professional goals were achieved! They were both surprised and excited, and had some incredible prizes to raffle, along with generous donations.

The Dance Away Cystic Fibrosis night was a blast. A ton of students came out for the event, and showed their support by wearing purple, purchasing raffle tickets and dancing. There were Zumba instructors keeping up the dance momentum for the entire night. And just about all who attended were on the dance floor, or eagerly buying raffle tickets!

I got to meet Kelly’s parents and family as well, and had the opportunity to tell them how great it was to meet their daughter and help with the event. They were so proud of Kelly and to see all her hard work for the dance unfold as the night went on. And not to mention Diana was a fantastic host, and she kept the dance party going till midnight!

The dance was a total success and raised over $1600.00 that will go to The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

“It’s really brought a lot of awareness on campus. A lot of people didn’t know what cystic fibrosis is. I feel like we reached a lot of different people,” DiNapoli said.

The most humbling feeling is when Kelly and Diana gave me a token of their appreciation at the end of the night with a Rowan University Blanket. I am usually the one who surprises, or helps…so it was a feeling I am not quite used to, and it truly made my night. I am so grateful to be a small part of that night. And I am humbled to know I surround my company, and myself with wonderful friends, family, and colleagues. Thank you again to all who donated to help with this amazing event!


Dance Away Cystic Fibrosis Dance Away Cystic Fibrosis Dance Away Cystic Fibrosis Dance Away Cystic Fibrosis Dance Away Cystic Fibrosis Dance Away Cystic Fibrosis Dance Away Cystic Fibrosis Dance Away Cystic Fibrosis Dance Away Cystic Fibrosis Dance Away Cystic Fibrosis Dance Away Cystic Fibrosis


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Hurricane Sandy and the road to restoring the New Jersey Shore…


The Jersey shore has been a very important part of my life, and one of my favorite places to go. It was the inexpensive family vacation as a child, it was a place to go with friends as an arcade-seeking teenager, and it was a sanctuary and source of inspiration in my adult life. With the destruction that has happened due to Hurricane Sandy, the shore as I remember it, is gone…however, knowing of the restoration process has me hopeful of seeing it as it once was. It will not happen over night, nor in one season, but people will come together to lend a hand in hopes of having their favorite place to go to once again.

InnerRealm Designs is working to help businesses and families rebuild our NJ shore. If you know of a business that is still open during the rebuilding process, or know of businesses in need of help personally, please contact The InnerRealm Design Team. We would love to roll up our sleeves and help our fellow small businesses as well as the residents of those affected by Sandy.

Many facilities are still collecting donations and goods to help people affected by Hurricane Sandy. If you are looking for a way to help, but do not know where to start below is a list of ways you can still help:

American Red Cross – – mobile feeding units/shelters – food/water/support – medicine/supplies – clean up kits/hygiene products – relief to children and families

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New Jersey Website Design and Graphic Design…Your design resource team!

A Country Road in Lancaster, PA

InnerRealm Designs is a full-service New Jersey Design Studio located in South Jersey. We create solutions for all of your branding, marketing, and advertising needs. No matter what size your company, InnerRealm Designs is ready to creatively tackle your next project!

Our NJ graphic design studio fully stocked with everything for your next marketing project! If you have a great idea, or need one for your upcoming promotional project…just give us a call, or contact us here…we can help!

We specialize Web Design and Print Design. Some of our Services include:

 ads . apparel printing . auto vinyl work . banners  . brand design . brochure design . business forms . car magnets. cd cover art . corporate art . email newsletters . envelopes . flyers . illustrations . interactive kiosks . inter-office dvd loops . invitations . letterhead . logo design . menus . ncr forms . notepads . office vinyl . photo retouching . postcards . posters . presentations . promotional products . print design . stickers . store signage . trade show units . trade show displays . video editing . vinyl . yard signs . web banners . web design

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Who we are and what we do…

“A Day of fishing in Sea Isle City New Jersey” ©2012 InnerRealm Designs

InnerRealm Designs has helped companies define their identity and message for many years now. We have a knack for it! We are a team of idea generators that know how to make the right idea come to life…

From start-up companies to global brands, our thinking and creativity generate excitement with measurable results. InnerRealm Designs will keep your company moving forward with cutting edge design and quality marketing materials.

Understanding your needs and perceptions takes more than guesswork.
We are a seasoned design company armed with experience and knowledge in how to execute your project professionally and accurately.

We are also a New Jersey graphic design company that works nationally and globally. So no matter where your company is based we can work remotely or on location for your next project.

InnerRealm Designs provides print design, web design, branding, illustration, and many other design services. As a comprehensive company without limits, our passion, enthusiasm and energy shows with every project we take on.

We break barriers of imagination and creativity by integrating our combined knowledge of design, technology, illustration and the dynamics of advertising.

ads . apparel printing . auto vinyl work . banners  . brochure design . business forms . car magnets. cd cover art . corporate art . email newsletters . envelopes . flyers . illustrations . interactive kiosks . inter-office dvd loops . invitations . letterhead . logo design . menus . ncr forms . notepads . office vinyl . photo retouching . postcards . posters . presentations . promotional products . print design . stickers . store signage . trade show units . trade show displays . video editing . vinyl . yard signs . web banners . web design
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Updating your website…

Baltimore Harbor March 2012

Baltimore Graphic Designer Meet and Greet!

Have you updated your site lately?

It is a great idea to keep your information current on your website. Customers are able to check out the latest developments and company information before they contact you or visit your facility.

Lately, InnerRealm Designs is generating a lot of web update packages that help customers keep their web information fresh without them having to stop their work day to update. We offer a variety of packages depending upon the needs of the customer. We can do as little or as much as you want, and even set your company up with social sites or blog sites.

Blog sites are also a great way to keep current information flowing towards your customers or back towards your website. They are a way draw in visitors and customers who want to read about what your company is about. It is also a great place to mention charities, events, or upcoming promotions.

Contact us now to find out how we can keep your web information current!

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InnerRealm Designs has a Valentine!


It looks like InnerRealm Designs had a sweet Valentine from The ALS Walk! Well, we love you guys back, and we love all the hard work that you do to help people with ALS, and the awareness that you create!

February is here and it is not as cold as it should be! I love the Spring don’t get me wrong, but I really like having a winter to enjoy too! Busting out the boots, scarves, and fun wooly hats is something I look forward to…I happen to enjoy fall/winter fashion. We may only have a couple of weeks left of the winter, if the weather keeps up…but I will take what I can get of the lack luster winter thrill!

For some reason the chill stays in the air…hop over to The Philadelphia Museum of Art and see The Van Gogh exhibit. It is amazing, inspiring, and moving. I have seen Van Gogh’s work before, but never all these pieces in one room…I also recommend getting the audio tour, I took so much away from this exhibit with the stories behind the particular works.

I won’t spoil it for you, but there are some pieces that you can see the mental anguish and absolute joy…pre medication and post medication during his stay at a mental hospital in France. There is something to be said about seeing a glimpse of someone’s life…from their perspective…and then using your own involuntary thoughts/experiences while you contemplate their work. Some people just see color and texture on a canvas, whereas I tend to feel brushstrokes and color. Sounds weird, but I challenge you to paint something on a very happy day, then paint something when you are angry or sad…you will then see what I am talking about.

This exhibit is a must see for everyone!



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Spread the holiday cheer to someone you don’t even know!

The Salvation Army The Angel Giving Tree
Angel Giving Tree Presented by jcpenny

This year InnerRealm Designs helped provide a happy holiday for local children, teens, and seniors in need. We were proud to adopt “Angels” through the Salvation Army Angel Giving Tree presented by jcpenny. We provided gifts to people we will never know…but what we do know, is that for one single moment they will have pure holiday delight and the feeling that someone cares about them.

We are dedicated to give back to those in need and we were excited to participate this year in a wonderful holiday giving program!

Happy Holidays!

InnerRealm Designs

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