It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

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Now that the season has changed, and the chill is in the air….you know what is next….The Holiday Season! I am starting to turn on the Christmas tunes while I am working on end-of-year design projects. Something to keep in mind, if you are a business owner, check your marketing materials at the end of December….that way you can re-order or place new orders to ring in your Business New Year! If you can, get out and enjoy the weather, before it turns bitter cold. I like when the weather gets a little chilly…I grab a cup of coffee, a pair of winter boots, knit hat, and I am off!

We took a couple of small trips over the past few months, one to New York City and another to Atlantic City.

We had so much fun in New York…our first stop to fill our grumbly stomachs was to I Tre Merli (our favorite restaurant in SOHO). If you ever get a chance to wander around the SOHO part of the city, be sure to stop there for lunch or dinner…you won’t be disappointed! They have amazing food, upbeat staff, and a great wine list. My favorite dish is the Porcini Ravoli in Truffle Sauce…..AMA-ZING!! And if you love salads, make sure you get the Spinach salad…which consists of fresh spinach leaves drizzled in a honey vinagrette, with a tasty selection of wild berries, toasted pine nuts, and creamy goat cheese. Jay had Spaghetti with Clams in a White Wine Sauce, which he said was incredible…and I know this is true,  since he was completely silent while enjoying each bite! (this never happens – lol)

So now, that we got the food crush out of the way….we decided to walk from Varrick Street in SoHo all the way to Times Square. It was such a nice day, and there were so many things going on in the city we couldn’t stop. One of my favorite things to do is take photos while I walk around the city…there are so many moments that tend to get lost in the hustle and bustle…so I want to capture as many as I can while I am there. It happened to be Veterans Day, and no one really seemed to recognize it where we were in the city…but then I looked up on our walk, and I saw this elderly woman about 4 stories up, leaning out her brownstone window…and she was waving a small American flag. I quick took a couple of shots of her…it was a feeling as if she had a story….she recognized the day even though the people below her, were on their cell phones striding down a busy street.

Then we ended up making our way to Washington Square Park where we soaked in our surroundings and took some more photos. There was a sweet couple (Howard & Rebecca) that asked us to take their photo on the square by the fountain. So I offered to take another photo with my Cannon Ti2, and send it to them via email when we got home.

We had to get back that night by 6pm to go to The City Winery to seeMartha Wainwright. The show was great, and we had the pleasure of seeing Martha’s sister Lucy Wainwright Roche play a song too….she was awesome. Another treat was when Martha did an Edith Piaf cover…it was ear candy.

We covered a lot of New York that day, and I inhaled every moment of the city – some highlights: a man painted entirely in gold at times square, photography with Hax – Par Kour jumpers at the Metropolitan, The Veterans Day lady, my beer at Gatsby’s Bar, Random Art strewn across concrete, literally running into Wanda Sykes, forgotten streets, dancing paper cups behind glass, the smell of every-other-block SoHo bakery, art vendors selling their wares that I had to look at, The Museum of Sex, people dressed up as disney characters that wouldn’t stop hugging me as I walked by, drummers near Bryant Park……and…..well much, much, more.

For the Atlantic City trip….well….what happens in AC stays in….my head. It was fun, but I was glad to come home.

Now that I landed back into the design grind…I am preparing for all the New Year marketing materials, and web refreshing that is needed. Please contact me if you have some 2012 marketing ideas you need implemented for your business. And for all the companies that are expanding for the new year, keep in mind our start-up packages which include: Business Cards, Brochures, Postcards, Letterhead & Envelopes, Vinyl Banners, Yard Signs, websites, and more!

About innerrealmdesigns

InnerRealm Designs is a South Jersey graphic design company that is dedicated to providing high quality design services to companies of any size. InnerRealm Designs can work directly or remotely with your company. They have the experience and artistic edge in working with some of the largest national companies, and they are able to provide the same services and quality to local small businesses to fit their budget. Our design services: web design • brochure design • vinyl & digital banners • store signage interior & exterior signs • logo design • photo retouching • presentations • illustrations • business forms • corporate art • presentation websites • invitations • video editing • interactive kiosks • trade show units • t-shirts & apparel printing • yard signs • door & car vinyl work • custom print
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