Hurricane Sandy and the road to restoring the New Jersey Shore…


The Jersey shore has been a very important part of my life, and one of my favorite places to go. It was the inexpensive family vacation as a child, it was a place to go with friends as an arcade-seeking teenager, and it was a sanctuary and source of inspiration in my adult life. With the destruction that has happened due to Hurricane Sandy, the shore as I remember it, is gone…however, knowing of the restoration process has me hopeful of seeing it as it once was. It will not happen over night, nor in one season, but people will come together to lend a hand in hopes of having their favorite place to go to once again.

InnerRealm Designs is working to help businesses and families rebuild our NJ shore. If you know of a business that is still open during the rebuilding process, or know of businesses in need of help personally, please contact The InnerRealm Design Team. We would love to roll up our sleeves and help our fellow small businesses as well as the residents of those affected by Sandy.

Many facilities are still collecting donations and goods to help people affected by Hurricane Sandy. If you are looking for a way to help, but do not know where to start below is a list of ways you can still help:

American Red Cross – – mobile feeding units/shelters – food/water/support – medicine/supplies – clean up kits/hygiene products – relief to children and families

About innerrealmdesigns

InnerRealm Designs is a South Jersey graphic design company that is dedicated to providing high quality design services to companies of any size. InnerRealm Designs can work directly or remotely with your company. They have the experience and artistic edge in working with some of the largest national companies, and they are able to provide the same services and quality to local small businesses to fit their budget. Our design services: web design • brochure design • vinyl & digital banners • store signage interior & exterior signs • logo design • photo retouching • presentations • illustrations • business forms • corporate art • presentation websites • invitations • video editing • interactive kiosks • trade show units • t-shirts & apparel printing • yard signs • door & car vinyl work • custom print
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