Your Brand Identity.


Brand identity is an expression of a brand, your brand – including name, logo, communications, and visual appearance. You as the business owner, can create a brand that reflects how you want the consumer to perceive your product or business.
The more you know and understand your target audience, the stronger your brand name will be. Your brand should reflect what your company stands for while targeting the audience who will purchase your products or patron your company. Typically, the easier the name is to remember, verbally/visually the more sustainable the brand name. Brand identity is fundamental to consumer recognition and symbolizes the brand’s differentiation from competitors.

With your brand, your business is able to communicate to potential consumers on a visual level. However, over time, your brand may evolve into a new campaign that keeps up with design trends, marketing tactics, and direct competition. It is important that your brand identity focuses on authentic qualities – real characteristics of the value of your business.

Branding Blocks
• Strong Logo  – a consistent use of a strong visual element(s) to create distinction.
• 1-4 Colors (normally) that represent your business, and sticking to those colors in print/web/marketing
• A specific font or font set that your company uses on a regular basis.
• Sometimes “simplicity” less is more, some brands are better simple rather than complex.

How can InnerRealm Designs help your brand identity?
• Corporate branding packages and small business start up packages
• Logo Design – Custom logo design or to enhance, restructure, refresh your existing logo.
• Promotional Products – From business cards to vinyl office hours we can help your brand identity be known.
• Website – We can construct a dynamic website that will reach your target audience.
• Trade Show – We can create a strong print campaign to reach your target market for your next trade show.

About innerrealmdesigns

InnerRealm Designs is a South Jersey graphic design company that is dedicated to providing high quality design services to companies of any size. InnerRealm Designs can work directly or remotely with your company. They have the experience and artistic edge in working with some of the largest national companies, and they are able to provide the same services and quality to local small businesses to fit their budget. Our design services: web design • brochure design • vinyl & digital banners • store signage interior & exterior signs • logo design • photo retouching • presentations • illustrations • business forms • corporate art • presentation websites • invitations • video editing • interactive kiosks • trade show units • t-shirts & apparel printing • yard signs • door & car vinyl work • custom print
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