Updating your website…

Baltimore Harbor March 2012

Baltimore Graphic Designer Meet and Greet!

Have you updated your site lately?

It is a great idea to keep your information current on your website. Customers are able to check out the latest developments and company information before they contact you or visit your facility.

Lately, InnerRealm Designs is generating a lot of web update packages that help customers keep their web information fresh without them having to stop their work day to update. We offer a variety of packages depending upon the needs of the customer. We can do as little or as much as you want, and even set your company up with social sites or blog sites.

Blog sites are also a great way to keep current information flowing towards your customers or back towards your website. They are a way draw in visitors and customers who want to read about what your company is about. It is also a great place to mention charities, events, or upcoming promotions.

Contact us now to find out how we can keep your web information current!

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InnerRealm Designs has a Valentine!


It looks like InnerRealm Designs had a sweet Valentine from The ALS Walk! Well, we love you guys back, and we love all the hard work that you do to help people with ALS, and the awareness that you create!

February is here and it is not as cold as it should be! I love the Spring don’t get me wrong, but I really like having a winter to enjoy too! Busting out the boots, scarves, and fun wooly hats is something I look forward to…I happen to enjoy fall/winter fashion. We may only have a couple of weeks left of the winter, if the weather keeps up…but I will take what I can get of the lack luster winter thrill!

For some reason the chill stays in the air…hop over to The Philadelphia Museum of Art and see The Van Gogh exhibit. It is amazing, inspiring, and moving. I have seen Van Gogh’s work before, but never all these pieces in one room…I also recommend getting the audio tour, I took so much away from this exhibit with the stories behind the particular works.

I won’t spoil it for you, but there are some pieces that you can see the mental anguish and absolute joy…pre medication and post medication during his stay at a mental hospital in France. There is something to be said about seeing a glimpse of someone’s life…from their perspective…and then using your own involuntary thoughts/experiences while you contemplate their work. Some people just see color and texture on a canvas, whereas I tend to feel brushstrokes and color. Sounds weird, but I challenge you to paint something on a very happy day, then paint something when you are angry or sad…you will then see what I am talking about.

This exhibit is a must see for everyone!



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Spread the holiday cheer to someone you don’t even know!

The Salvation Army The Angel Giving Tree
Angel Giving Tree Presented by jcpenny

This year InnerRealm Designs helped provide a happy holiday for local children, teens, and seniors in need. We were proud to adopt “Angels” through the Salvation Army Angel Giving Tree presented by jcpenny. We provided gifts to people we will never know…but what we do know, is that for one single moment they will have pure holiday delight and the feeling that someone cares about them.

We are dedicated to give back to those in need and we were excited to participate this year in a wonderful holiday giving program!

Happy Holidays!

InnerRealm Designs

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It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Now that the season has changed, and the chill is in the air….you know what is next….The Holiday Season! I am starting to turn on the Christmas tunes while I am working on end-of-year design projects. Something to keep in mind, if you are a business owner, check your marketing materials at the end of December….that way you can re-order or place new orders to ring in your Business New Year! If you can, get out and enjoy the weather, before it turns bitter cold. I like when the weather gets a little chilly…I grab a cup of coffee, a pair of winter boots, knit hat, and I am off!

We took a couple of small trips over the past few months, one to New York City and another to Atlantic City.

We had so much fun in New York…our first stop to fill our grumbly stomachs was to I Tre Merli (our favorite restaurant in SOHO). If you ever get a chance to wander around the SOHO part of the city, be sure to stop there for lunch or dinner…you won’t be disappointed! They have amazing food, upbeat staff, and a great wine list. My favorite dish is the Porcini Ravoli in Truffle Sauce…..AMA-ZING!! And if you love salads, make sure you get the Spinach salad…which consists of fresh spinach leaves drizzled in a honey vinagrette, with a tasty selection of wild berries, toasted pine nuts, and creamy goat cheese. Jay had Spaghetti with Clams in a White Wine Sauce, which he said was incredible…and I know this is true,  since he was completely silent while enjoying each bite! (this never happens – lol)

So now, that we got the food crush out of the way….we decided to walk from Varrick Street in SoHo all the way to Times Square. It was such a nice day, and there were so many things going on in the city we couldn’t stop. One of my favorite things to do is take photos while I walk around the city…there are so many moments that tend to get lost in the hustle and bustle…so I want to capture as many as I can while I am there. It happened to be Veterans Day, and no one really seemed to recognize it where we were in the city…but then I looked up on our walk, and I saw this elderly woman about 4 stories up, leaning out her brownstone window…and she was waving a small American flag. I quick took a couple of shots of her…it was a feeling as if she had a story….she recognized the day even though the people below her, were on their cell phones striding down a busy street.

Then we ended up making our way to Washington Square Park where we soaked in our surroundings and took some more photos. There was a sweet couple (Howard & Rebecca) that asked us to take their photo on the square by the fountain. So I offered to take another photo with my Cannon Ti2, and send it to them via email when we got home.

We had to get back that night by 6pm to go to The City Winery to seeMartha Wainwright. The show was great, and we had the pleasure of seeing Martha’s sister Lucy Wainwright Roche play a song too….she was awesome. Another treat was when Martha did an Edith Piaf cover…it was ear candy.

We covered a lot of New York that day, and I inhaled every moment of the city – some highlights: a man painted entirely in gold at times square, photography with Hax – Par Kour jumpers at the Metropolitan, The Veterans Day lady, my beer at Gatsby’s Bar, Random Art strewn across concrete, literally running into Wanda Sykes, forgotten streets, dancing paper cups behind glass, the smell of every-other-block SoHo bakery, art vendors selling their wares that I had to look at, The Museum of Sex, people dressed up as disney characters that wouldn’t stop hugging me as I walked by, drummers near Bryant Park……and…..well much, much, more.

For the Atlantic City trip….well….what happens in AC stays in….my head. It was fun, but I was glad to come home.

Now that I landed back into the design grind…I am preparing for all the New Year marketing materials, and web refreshing that is needed. Please contact me if you have some 2012 marketing ideas you need implemented for your business. And for all the companies that are expanding for the new year, keep in mind our start-up packages which include: Business Cards, Brochures, Postcards, Letterhead & Envelopes, Vinyl Banners, Yard Signs, websites, and more!

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How to recycle Keurig K-Cup Boxes

You love your Keurig K-Cup Coffee brewer and you love the assortment of coffee they have. So…you place your order. And in a few days your big box of Green Mountain Caramel Vanilla Cream and Van Houtte Cottage Blend arrive at your door.

So what do you do with that shipping box? Well you can recycle it naturally! Or you can let your house rabbit Mr. Butters play in it. You mean to tell me you do not have a house rabbit named Mr. Butters? Well I do!! And I have a great idea for all those who love Keurig K-Cups and have a house rabbit that enjoys a ton of timothy hay.

If you are not familiar with house rabbits, I will fill you in…they need unlimited timothy hay for dietary needs. I prefer to use Oxbow Timothy hay, and both my rabbits love it! The downside to giving hay to your house rabbit every day is  the mess it leaves behind. Tiny chewed bits fall all over the place. Some stores sell little hay holders that are a bit costly, or really don’t hold the hay that well.

So I know you are DYING to know my solution to this little hay problem…and a great way to recycle! Take your empty K-Cup Boxes and use them as HAY Holders!!

Now, please let me introduce Mr. Butters and her K-Cup hay box!

Some of you may be wondering why I am saying “her” and “she” when I am referring to Mr. Butters. Well when I first rescued her, I was told Mr. Butters was in-fact a boy. A few months later Mr. Butters was about to get fixed. Mr. Butters turned into Mrs. Buttersworth apparently! I still liked the name…don’t judge.

So anyhow back to this great little idea…Both of my rabbits love the K-Cup box as a Hay box. They play with it, nibble at it…and I feel pretty good turning trash into something useful and clever.

So I hope this little article helps someone looking for a hay holder option. I am no longer farming my floor filled with hay…I just dump out the box o’ hay bits, refill, and reuse.

Although, sometimes the box starts to look like this…So you just wait patiently until your next order of coffee comes in. Then you recycle the old box, and set the new-fresh K-Cup box out with a huge amount of hay in it….Your bunny will love it!

Mr. Butters Approved!

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The 2011 Ocean City 
Board… Walk to Defeat ALS!

The ALS Ocean City, New Jersey walk was incredible! InnerRealm Designs raised $820 that will go to the Greater Philadelphia ALS Association. The ALS Association, Greater Philadelphia Chapterserves over 850 people with ALS and their families living in eastern Pennsylvania, central and southern New Jersey, and the state of Delaware. Although, we did not make our goal of $1000 we were so proud to have contributed such a large amount from a small design firm from New Jersey!

A huge thanks goes out to all our friends, family, and supporters that helped us place in the top third for fundraising!

We made the best out of the rainy weekend as well. We shopped the boardwalk’s off-season sales, played some indoor mini-golf at Congo Falls, ate “the big slice” at Three Brothers Pizza, and topped our food coma with copious amounts of THE BEST water ice ever….TLC’s Polish Water Ice.

The night of the walk we were having dinner at Primavera’s…while waiting for our food I looked out at the ocean as the sun was setting and noticed a HUGE rainbow that started in the ocean and ended over by the ferris wheel. It was one of the most beautiful rainbows I have ever seen! What a perfect ending to a very important day!

Saturday night was not as rainy as Friday….so we were able to walk the boards at night enjoying some rides and relaxing. As we were strolling by, there were two musicians playing acoustic guitar. They were playing real soft in the foggy shadows of the overhead pavilion. We decided to go sit on some benches facing the ocean and listen for a bit. The two guys were great…we told them how good they sounded….they seemed a bit shy and humble which was nice to see.

We look forward to the ALS Walk next year! Hoping to achieve our goal of $1000! But until then, we will relish in the positive energy that we felt from all the wonderful folks we met at this walk, and hopefully see all of them next year!

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Help InnerRealm Designs Fight ALS!

Ocean City ALS Walk 2011


2011 Ocean City Board… Walk to Defeat ALS®

Presented by CertainTeed and ShopRite
Ocean City, New Jersey

Every 90 minutes a person in this country is diagnosed with ALS and every 90 minutes another person will lose their battle against this disease. ALS occurs throughout the world with no racial, ethnic, or socioeconomic boundaries. If you choose to walk with me, you will be a part of an exciting, empowering event for patients, family members, friends, companies and organizations across the country; all of whom are walking to support comprehensive patient service programs and leading-edge ALS research.

Whether or not you can walk with InnerRealm Designs, you can play an essential role by sponsoring our walk goal. Both walkers and donors directly impact the lives of those affected by ALS by providing the means to raise awareness and to offer the services needed to treat and defeat this disease.

ALS has touched our family…we want to walk to fight for a cure!

For more information about our graphic design company and who we are go to InnerRealm Designs

Click Here to Donate to our Team Walk

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